Emo Fb Keren Unik Baru

Emo Fb Keren Unik Baru
Emo Fb Keren Unik Baru

Setelah beberapa lalu Kumpulancara.com menemani sobat dengan Kode emo chat fb Keren dan Kode emo chat fb terbaru.
Kini hadir kembali dengan Emo Emo Facebook yang tentunya tak kalah menarik, cara menggunakannyapun Gampang, Sobat Cukup Copy emo-emo berikut lalu Pastekan di layer chat atau Pesan fb maka Emonya akan nongol.
Berikut Emo-emo kerennya.
List Emo facebook

laughSmile – smiling face[[F9.laugh]]
sadSad – sad emoticons[[F9.sad]]
angryAngry – face red with anger[[F9.angry]]
kissKiss – Kiss[[F9.kiss]]
inloveIn love – with heart-shaped eyes[[F9.inlove]]
adoreSmiley who loves – with the heart eyes[[F9.adore]]
sleepyHe sleeps – He’s asleep[[F9.sleepy]]
pizzaPizza – a slice of pizza[[F9.pizza]]
shockSurprised – smiley with mouth open[[F9.shock]]
coffeeCoffee – Cup of coffee[[F9.coffee]]
rainIt rains – clouds and rain[[F9.rain]]
heartHeart – big red heart[[F9.heart]]
heartbreakBroken Heart[[F9.heartbreak]]
doctorDoctor or Nurse[[F9.doctor]]
brbBRB (be right back – back soon)[[F9.brb]]
WineWine – Wine Bottles[[F9.wine]]
giftGift – pack with green ribbon[[F9.gift]]
angelAngelo – Santa face with areola[[F9.angel]]
baloonsBalloons – Party[[F9.baloons]]
cakeBirthday cake with candles[[F9.cake]]
bowlCup – bowl noodles[[F9.bowl]]
clapApplause – face that laughs and applauds[[F9.clap]]
confusedConfused – with a crooked mouth[[F9.confused]]
curllipHappy-face curling lip[[F9.curllip]]
devilfaceDevil – a demon face angry[[F9.devilface]]
lyingLie – with a long nose[[F9.lying]]

Emo Fb Keren Unik Baru 10out of 10 ratings.
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